About the Colorado Center for Eye Alignment

The Colorado Center for Eye Alignment is a specialty clinic devoted to the research and treatment of adult strabismus. Our seven, fellowship trained and Board Certified physicians are skilled in the diagnosis of all forms of eye misalignment. Our doctors use both state of the art surgical and non-surgical methods to treat eye deviations. With over 80 years of combined experience, you are guaranteed to have a consultation with a highly qualified and Colorado-wide recognized ophthalmologist who specializes in strabismus and adult care. Having performed over tens of thousands of eye re-alignment procedures, the physicians at the Colorado Center for Eye Alignment are the premier choice for surgical treatment.

Strabismus (struh-BIS-mus) is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with one another. You may have heard this referred to as “cross-eyed”, “wall-eye” or “lazy eye”. Often, individuals with strabismus are unable to make direct eye contact which can make social situations awkward and uncomfortable or they are plagued with double vision which can interfere with the most basic of daily activities. We strive to restore self-confidence and improve the quality of life for these patients.

What to expect at your visit to the Colorado Center for Eye Alignment

First and foremost, you can and should expect the highest level of care and compassion. We are committed to spending the extensive time necessary to accurately diagnose your eye condition as well as explain all the treatment options that may be available. Your one-on-one consultation will include in-depth testing and evaluation. You will be given as much time as necessary to ask questions of your physician and address any concerns that might be interfering with your desire to proceed with a particular treatment plan. Your referring physician, ophthalmologist or optometrist will be kept up-to-date on treatment decisions, outcomes and additional test that may be required. Our primary therapeutic goal for those with strabismus is comfortable, single and clear vision. Time and time again, after pursuing treatment, we hear our patients say: “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” The newfound freedom from no longer feeling embarrassed by their eyes or dealing with the frustration and discomfort associated with heavy prism glasses has prompted many to refer their friends or loved ones to the Colorado Center for Eye Alignment to receive the same benefit.

Meet the Management Staff of the Colorado Center for Eye Alignment-

We expect that you will have an exceptional experience from the moment you check-in with our professional and courteous staff to the conclusion of your consultation with our experienced physicians.  If this is not the case, we would encourage you to contact one of our managers and let us know how we could better serve you.

Lynette Bridges–Chief Executive Officer


Katy Brumley–Scheduling Director


Andrea Mosher–Clinial Care Director


Jennifer Berg–Administrative Director and Patient Advocate


Wendy Spirek–Director of Community Outreach